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Pest Control Service in Canberra

Canberra is home to thousands of pest species and we as Canberrans are used to these bugs and pesky pest venturing near our establishments, be it home or offices. With our handful of venomous spiders, ants, termites, cockroaches, and European wasps active all year around, it is common for us to live in proximity to these pests. However, staying close to them does not mean that we have to stay with them.

At SES Pest Control, we understand how much problem pest infestations can cause; thus, we are always ready to offer the best pest control services Canberra, whenever required. We even understand that unchecked or delay pest control treatment can cause severe damage to health and property. So, we offer emergency pest control solutions to resolve as soon as it appears. 

Being the leading pest control company Canberra, we help you maintain a pest-free surrounding in your home and office. Further, we strive to stay abreast with the latest industry trends and remedies to offer you a pest control service that is nothing short of the best. Our pest control technicians are experienced and capable of offering a wide range of pest control services, including ant control, bee control, cockroach removal, dead animal removal, and more. So, no matter what pest infestation you are dealing with, we have a solution for that.

Our pest control solutions are eco-friendly and safe for pets, kids, and the environment. Further, all our pest management remedies, including spray, pesticides, insecticides, powder, and more are approved by the Australian government. At SES Pest Control, we are aware of the most common pest and have multiple solutions to keep your home free from creepy crawlies. So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to know more about our pest control solutions and ways how we can help you get a pest-free home.

Best pest control services in Canberra

Canberra’s Leading Pest Control Company

We are a name that is reliable and customer oriented. We have been in operation for over two decades in the area offering Pest Control Services. SES is counted among the top five Pest Control Canberra service providers. We comprise a team of personnel who have all got certification and each have a license in Pest Management. They have years of experience in handling all sorts of situations and all categories of pests in urban spaces both residences and commercial spaces. The team members are skilled, adept and have the latest knowhow about all the safety norms and other protocol. They regularly attend training session and are well abreast with the latest trends, methods and treatment plans to handle any pest with confidence and ease.

So whether it is infestation of pests like damp wood termite, dry wood termite, possum removal, bed bugs control, ants and spider control, mice, rats, silverfish, pantry and cloth moths, wood borers, flies or scorpions, you name it and we have the right treatment plan for you at very attractive deals. We have a proven track record of delivering quality execution and have emerged as the preferred Same Day Pest Control Canberra service provider many times over.

We also provide dead animal removal service in very short notice for protected animals which are tricky to handle and can be removed only by licensed and certified individuals. We also offer specialized services like pre construction and post construction termite treatment plans which is approved by many realtors making us as a top provider for this kind of pest control services. Since we operate on all days we also are counted as Same Day Pest Control Canberra expert providers as we charge very little for this sudden unplanned call requests. We also offer very efficient sanitization services after dead animal removal using high quality disinfectants that leaves your homes germ free and rid of offensive odors. So look no further for all or any pest issues—why worry when we are here to help you!!

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SES Pest Control Advantages

Pests come unannounced, suddenly and when you least expect them. If you find yourself in that situation and are about to hit the panic button, do not worry as SES Pest Control is the preferred name in providing Same Day Pest Control Service. Get an initial booking rest by just giving a call and let the experts take over. Aided with the latest tools, methods and skill, our highly skilled technical team will reach you and solve the issue in no time. We provide inspection service and on spot treatment for emergency cases if it involves removing dangerous pest or endangered animals from your premises.

Also if you are worried about toxicity in products applied, rest assured we adhere to environmental norms and protocol and use non toxic products that will bring eradication but will not harm you or your pets at home making us a top rated name as Pest Control Canberra service providers. With our customer centric approach and mission to deliver the best pest control services in the region, we have kept our costs very affordable including two free post treatment home visits.
SES Pest Control also provides fantastic AMC plans to suit your budget and requirements. We provide monthly, half yearly and yearly plans for pest control for all your private and commercial spaces. Above all, our team is well prepared, licensed and ready to answer all requests round the clock to lessen all kinds of pest anxiety. Call us today and find out why we are best Pest Control Canberra service professionals!

How does it work?

Pest Control is conducted in a certain way that is methodical and scientific. Usually the first steps are inspection, then assessment, eradication treatment, post treatment inspection is done.


Pest Control Canberra service personnel would visit your property after your initial request. This would help assess the depth and scale of infestation including the type of infestation and also the damage done. Then a report is generated on the basis of which a plan specific to the pest is given.


Using the best industry products experts of pest control services get to application that would be highly effective but safe for residents and pets. This could be using traps, gels, sprays, temperature treatments or solutions.

Post Treatment visit

Two weeks or ten days after the first application Pest Control Canberra service providers would send the same technical team to assess the effects of treatment. Suggestions would be provided to homeowners to prevent further pest occurrence.

Our Pest Control Services Include:


Services provided by us

Since we live up to our image of being one of the best Pest Control Canberra service providers, we have a wide range of pest control services that you can opt for.

Pest Control Solutions

We cover customized treatment for cockroaches, ants, borers, termites, birds, moths, silverfish, spiders, rats and mice, bed bugs and pigeons and sea gulls. Wu guarantee quality and proficient service that will make your surroundings pest free.

Pest removal

We have the best plans for pest removal conducted by trained individuals who will deliver quick services causing least convenience. This may include bee and wasp hive removal, possum removal, etc.

Dead body removal

Many times you might face the agony of tackling dead body of pests. Before germs spread our team will remove the carcass and restore a hygienic clean environment for you.

Residential Pest Control Service

If you want to be completely free from worrying about pest infestation in your homes, book a call and have our team provide excellent service to ensure no pest make an entry using the safest eco friendly measures.

Commercial Pest Management

If you want to safeguard the health and safety of your equipments and staff in your commercial establishment, offices and go downs sign a pest control management contract with us and let the pest control services make your business run smoothly and successfully.

End of lease pest control and pre purchase pest control

For home renters we provide end of lease pest control and for those wishing to purchase new property we also provide pre purchase pest control by an experienced team of trained personnel at very reasonable rates.

Neglecting pest removal can prove very expensive in the long run

Delaying or ignoring pest removal treatments can prove to be very expensive in the long run, both in terms of money and health. Pests, such as rodents, cockroaches, silverfish, possums, fleas, and wasps, can cause severe damage to homes and businesses. Additionally, they are also known for carrying diseases and allergens that can impact the health of your loved ones.

When pests invade a property, they can quickly multiply and spread, causing damage to your property, including walls, insulation, foundation, and other structural components. Additionally, pests can create health hazards by spreading allergens and disease-causing bacteria. Such as cockroaches and bed bugs are known to induce asthma and allergy reactions, while rodents can spread diseases like diarrhoea, hantavirus and salmonella.

Additionally, neglecting pest removal at commercial places can also lead to legal and financial consequences. If pests are found on a business property, it can lead to fines, loss of reputation, and even closure until the issue is resolved. Therefore, it is essential to take pest removal seriously and hire professional pest control Canberra service regularly.

Prevention is the best course of action, so regular inspections and maintenance should be carried out to identify and address any potential pest issues before they become severe. Don’t ignore pest infestation as they can cause costly damage in the long run. It is important to take proactive measures to prevent pests from invading in the first place and to address any signs of infestation promptly to minimize damage and health risks.

Want to know more about why you should hire pest control services Canberra? Contact our experts right away!

Pest control cost Canberra

The cost of the pest control service in Canberra depends on a lot of variables, including the size of the infestation, property, severity of the infestation, type of pest, likeliness to reinfestation, surroundings, and more. However, on average, the cost of pest control services Canberra can range from a few hundred to thousand dollars. Do note, this cost is just an estimated price, do not this as an absolute.

At SES Pest Control, we understand that every property and every pest infestation is unique, which is why we offer customized pest control solutions that cater to your specific needs and budget. If you are living in a little house, the payment for your pest elimination may be less than that for large commercial properties. This is because larger properties require more time, resources, and expertise to eliminate pests effectively.

Our team of highly trained professionals uses the latest infrared tools and techniques to identify and eradicate pests from your property. Our pest control service is not time-bound, meaning our technicians will stay on your property for as long as required to ensure that the problem is completely resolved. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today! 

We also offer no-obligation pest control costs on all enquires. So, get in touch with our office and explain your pest infestation in detail to get free-of-cost pest control cost in Canberra. Contact our experts today!

Why choose our service?

Why choose our service
  • Trained personnel We are a team of professionals where each member has a certified license and vast field of experience to handle any pests efficiently.
  • On spot innovationNo two pests are same as damage might be different. Our trained experts can give on spot innovative solutions for complete eradication.
  • Emergency services Our team is ever prepared to attend to all your problems round the clock Same Day Pest Control Service with short notice.
  • Affordable and price sensitive rates All rates for various category of pest control are very budget friendly and affordable. Give us a call now!
  • Advanced equipments All our methods and tools are updated and at par with the latest and best giving top class results in record time.

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Why we are the best in Canberra?

Pests are something you cannot run away from and will have to face their effects in your homes. So why fret when you have the best in Canberra to ensure pest free life! So if rodents and bugs are your recurrent worry and birds seem to be a regular a menace, just pick a time and call us and leave all to us. We are a quality service provider hunting down pests from the hidden unreachable areas and spaces and give back a pest free home or space back to our customers.
Pests are of various types and each comes with its own trail of troubles. So no home is free from the attack of pests. All have the potential to cause health and property risks that would not only be unsafe but cause you expenses in repair, replacement and even added medical bills. By being in touch with our pest control services and servicemen the fear and threat of attack is minimized or eliminated. We can help you regularly in handling pests through all seasons.

Borers and Termites

These wood loving pests are dangerous and voracious eaters. They feed and breed on wood turning your wooden articles to dust. Call us today for a quality control!


If rats and mice have been damaging your pantry, electric wires and leaving your larders in a mess, call us and see how effectively we trap and eradicate them.


Has spiders spinning webs and laying eggs in soft cottony sacs out of your reach? Stop worrying and invest in our spider control plan that is safe and affordable!


Has a sneaky possum made home in your roof cavity and you are nervous about their presence? Give us a ring and see how our experts arrange for their safe removal.


If birds have been defacing your walls and making nests all over your place, call us and see how we handle their menace. We have effective control measures to restore you a clean and peaceful environment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I be safe when pest control servicemen are applying the treatment?

    Ans. Yes, you can be rest assured that all our products are eco friendly and do not harm you or your pets

    How different will my home be after we chose you for pest control in Canberra?

    Ans. In opting for us you can be assured that you would be given quality treatment through our trained team to root out the cause of the pest infestation. They will hunt down any or all pests from the tough to reach and hidden areas as well and give you back a pest free environment.

    Will the team come back to check the treated areas once initial application is done?

    Ans. Yes, normally we send our technical team, two weeks after the first treatment to go and assess the effects of treatment. This sis followed by another visit.

    How do I know that your pest control services are good?


    • There are a few basic things on the checklist which you need to tick.
    • Is the pest control service operating for long?
    • Do they have a proper website and highlighting types of services?
    • Customer reviews is very important
    • Do they give an assurance about eradication?
    • Are the prices in lines with market rates?
    • If most of these are satisfactory, then you may opt for the company.

    Customer Reviews



    We had an issue of possums in our house and my kids got really scared with them. We even stopped going to our backyard. We really needed to fix that and SES pest control helped us in that. Their technician was meticulous in his treatment, walking me through each step and explaining how each treatment process worked. He also took the time to explain the risks associated with each chemical, so I am confident in the treatment’s safety. He was a great guy and really knew his work. So glad, I called you guys!



    For the past 30 years, we have relied on the excellent services of Best Pest Control service. We are always under pressure as a veterinary hospital to keep our facilities pest-free. Best pest control service has always gone above and above in assisting us with this. The office staff is always kind and accommodating, and the technicians are always on time, professional, and knowledgeable about their jobs. For all of our clients’ at-home pest control requirements, we strongly suggest these guys. Thanks!



    I simply wanted to express my gratitude to Ledford’s for a job well done. Bright pest control’s team provides us with servicing on a quarterly basis, and we’ve never had a problem that he couldn’t address. This is still true today. We saw a swarm of ants on a kitchen wall opposite an outlet last night. Their technician visited this afternoon after I contacted them this morning. They spent a lot of time discussing the problem and how to resolve it to us. I definitely recommend your service and am grateful for your employees’ help, competence, and positive dispositions. Good job guys!



    Thank you for the excellent service that your firm has offered to my family. My Mother, in particular, had major pest problems at her house, and your company responded quickly and professionally. Your employees should be recognised for providing excellent customer service. Their technician arrived at my Mother’s house and promised us that they would be able to handle her problems. My mother is in her late nineties, and both of these young gentlemen treated us with the greatest patience and care. We couldn’t have wished for a better pest control service to guide us through such a trying time. Thanks!