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The tiny, wingless parasites like fleas may create havoc in your pet’s fur and residence. These oval-shaped insects are famous for their blood-sucking skills and jumping capabilities. It’s normal for you to want to get rid of them as soon as possible, and that’s where we come into the picture.

SES Pest Control Canberra values the safety of customers. We are committed to providing guaranteed and hassle-free professional flea removal services in Canberra. We recognise the need for pet-friendly solutions and respect your schedule. Our certified and experienced team embrace the spirit of optimism and works towards your safety, permanent outcomes and pest prevention.

Ourions underpin all of our work and dedication. You can contact us anytime and get a same-day pest treatment. We understand your situation and are with you in this. Call us now to learn more.

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What Are Fleas?

  • Fleas are tiny, flat or oval-shaped insects that feed on blood.
  • These insects can jump more than 200 times their height.
  • The adult fleas’ length ranges from two to four mm.
  • Fleas have special antennae and pointed mouths for piercing your furry friend’s skin and sucking warm blood.
  • Australia is home to more than one flea species – cat fleas, dog fleas, red fleas, sticktight fleas, human fleas and more.
  • Some of these species can make humans their hosts for meals.
  • These insects are also known as sand fleas.

Though this information is thorough, the flea infestation at your place might be of different species. Only an expert can identify the difference and tell you the details.Therefore, it’s necessary to see a vet to kill the fleas in the fur and if they keep coming back, schedule a local flea control service as soon as possible.

What Are Different Flea Types?

The most common fleas in Australia are:

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Cat Fleas

This type of flea is most prevalent in Australia. It preys on animals, including dogs, rats, and people.

flea control canberra
Dog Fleas

Despite being less frequent than cat fleas, dog fleas seem similar. These insects attack numerous different furry animals.

flea control canberra
Human fleas

Human fleas are rare because of improved household cleanliness standards. Dogs, cats, rats, pigs and mice are additional targets of fleas.

Apart from this, you may come across sticktight fleas, rat fleas, chigoe fleas, and more. Identifying the flea type is not your job; only an expert can do that. So, when you book our flea control Canberra experts, we inspect your property, study the pest type and find the most suitable and tailored solution.

What Causes a Flea Outbreak?

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When their preferred food supply is unavailable, fleas typically become a nuisance. After a pet dies or when humans move into a place where a dog or cat has resided, flea infestations may happen. Fleas in their early life stages may survive for up to a year under carpets or around the borders of untreated floors. The fleas then mature into adulthood once the residence is inhabited once more.

You might feel fleas’ presence everywhere if your pet is infested with them. When your furry friend roams around or mingles with their buddies, the fleas may hop on them.

If you have noticed these tiny creatures on your floor, kitchen counters or everywhere else, contact us for emergency flea removal in Canberra. Having pests around is indeed an emergency, and we are here to rescue you from it.

What Are the Health Hazards of Flea Infestation?

  • The transmission of human illnesses by fleas is not known to occur in Australia but in other regions of the globe.
  • Skin reactions to bug bites can manifest immediately or may take hours or even days.
  • Family members’ responses to flea bites might vary.
  • People allergic to flea bites may feel symptoms of blisters, stinging, and more.

How Do We Eliminate Fleas?

Our technicians understand that each pest infestation is different and requires a unique solution. Therefore, we follow a standard procedure to identify the issue and provide a customised solution. Here is what we do:


Our team analyse your property to identify the type of fleas, their hiding locations, infestation level, the flea’s life stage and more. The information helps us to plan strategically and remove the bugs safely.

Treatment Plan

After a detailed inspection, we understand the situation and explain our strategy to you. Our pest controllers believe in total transparency and never move to the plan before the customer’s permission.

Flea Extermination

Our experts use green solutions, high-suction vacuums and similar tools to exterminate the bugs.


We provide detailed information, clarification and a pest-free certificate for your property. We show you the results both on and off the paper.

Prevention Tips

We guide you on flea prevention and helpful tips.

Get in Touch

    Our flea control treatments are 100% pet-friendly. We understand your concern and ensure the safety of your fur baby. After all, their health and hygiene matter to us as much as to you!

    Why Choose Us for Flea Control in Canberra?

    SES Pest Control Canberra is a value-driven organisation that provides safe pest control solutions. Our genuine concern for customers’ health helps us go the extra mile to protect them from the bugs. Here are more reasons why you should consider us for flea control in Canberra:

    Pests Inspection

    24/7 service is available

    Fully insured

    Free quotation on call

    Advanced Technology

    Immediate customer support

    Pet Friendly

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    24*7 Assistance

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    Pet-friendly flea treatments


    Certified and experienced professionals

    Worried About the Flea Infestation at Your Place? Leave This Job to Us!

    Fleas are tricky to catch due to their jumpy behaviours. Therefore, instead of trying random DIYs, we recommend trusting us on this. Contact us to learn more and safeguard your place and pet from these dangerous tiny insects. Hurry up!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get rid of fleas in my house in Australia?

    Ans. The easiest approach to prevent fleas from entering your home is to regularly vacuum, mop, and disinfect it. Using expert pest control Canberra services once a month to prevent fleas from ever getting inside your home is another efficient strategy.

    How much does it cost to professionally get rid of fleas?

    Ans. The price of a flea service includes an evaluation, vacuuming, flea control treatment, and many more services. You can rely on SES Pest Control Canberra to offer you a quality and reasonably priced flea control service. Call us right away to receive a quote without any obligations.

    What is the best pest control for fleas?

    Ans. The best way to control fleas is to seek the assistance of an experienced pest control provider. For more information about our flea removal service, get in touch with us.

    Is a flea exterminator worth it?

    Ans. Yes, hiring trained exterminators are really worth your time and money. An expert pest exterminator can assist you in locating the infestation, getting rid of it, and reducing their outdoorivities. Fleas reproduce swiftly and can soon cause a serious infestation. The first step is to take the right precautions to lessen the likelihood of nasty fleas in your home.

    How long does it take to fumigate a house for fleas?

    Ans. The typical time to treat and fumigate a flea-infested home is 2 to 8 hours. But it also relies on the extent and location of the infestation.

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