How to Get Rid of Possums from Your Home and Yard?

Have you spotted a cat-like, wild creature inside your premises? Well, it may be the popular possums. They are good at hiding and hunting food. These critters may hurt your pet, steal their food, ruin the gardens and whatnot. Plus, catching them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Killing possums is illegal in many countries, including Australia. So, it becomes risky to capture them alive. That’s where possums removal services come into the picture.

Yet, if you wish to try your luck in removing possums, here is all you need to know:

Motion Detectors

These gadgets function as visual repellents, also known as sight aversion. These sprinklers detect motion and burst the water to shock the animal, as the name implies. The abrupt splash of water frightens the animals, and they stay away from your property.

Assume a possum becomes used to the unexpected water onslaught. In that situation, it may not suit the objective, and you may need to utilise another strategy or hire possum removal professionals.

Use Live Traps

It is more convenient to set up a live trap and catch possums alive, as killing them is a no-no. However, to move the pest, you must contact your local authorities. If you engage a possum removal business, they will put up traps, catch the critter, and move it into the wild, far away from your property. These professionals will securely remove and transfer the pests. If you want to do it yourself, here are the crucial steps:

  • Purchase a medium-sized trap to prevent the possum from becoming trapped when entering the cage.
  • As bait, have dry food, apples, fish, or canned pet food on the opening.
  • Examine the pest’s movements and select an appropriate spot for the trap. Place it in an area where you see more possum activity regularly.
  • Keep a watch on your dogs and children to avoid trapping them in the cage.
  • Relocate them from the house at least five kilometres away.

Possums may be caught alive in a trap, but moving them is difficult. Before performing these actions, ensure your safety and engage a specialist to relocate these critters.

Use Fencing

Possums can climb, but even if they are skilled climbers, a wire or electric fence can keep them out of a garden. Keep the wall at least 4 feet high, with the top foot facing outward to produce an overhang.

You may also construct an electric fence 3 to 4 inches above the ground and oriented outward. Other areas to block include those beneath porches, stairwells, and crawl spaces. To fill these spaces, use sheet metal or steel wire mesh.

Use Repellents

Pest repellents, as the name implies, repel pests. They cannot, however, eliminate or prevent them indefinitely. Using repellents is a temporary fix for a lasting problem. However, you may attempt it or hire a pest exterminator to handle the situation. You can use one of two types of repellents:

Electronic Repellents

The objective here is to scare away possums with ultrasonic vibrations. These devices, such as motion-activated sprinklers, are risk-free and need no cleanup. Possums are aggravated further by ultrasonic pest control gear with flashing LED strobes. Furthermore, it is solar-powered. Electronic repellents are your best bet for keeping possums at bay when everything else isn’t working.

Chemical Repellents

Chemical repellents may not work effectively after rain or when their “sting” wears off. Combine chemical repellents with the other tactics discussed here to increase your chances of success.

Chemical repellents attack the possum’s sense of smell. Because they are typically in granule form and made with an aroma close to genuine fox urine, these products are safe to use around children and animals.

Possum Prevention Hacks by Experts

  • Seal any holes that possums may use to infiltrate your property. If it’s a vent, try a metal cover to keep animals away from entering your space.
  • Keep the branches adjacent to your house nearly 10 feet away from the roof. Possums, superb climbers, can utilise them to reach your interior or garden.
  • Never leave pet food outside, or don’t feed them in the yard.
  • To safeguard low decks, grid screening and other suitable obstructions are used.
  • Avoid keeping garbage bags or waste food in the yard or outside your door.
  • Close windows and pet doors at night. Possums may enter your place through them.
  • Make decluttering your habit.
  • Keep your garden, yard, and basements always mess-free.

Once you successfully remove possums from your premises, it’s necessary to implement these prevention measures. Otherwise, they will keep coming back to their favourite place.

Understand The Pest’s Behaviour Before Removing It

  • Possum control and other related challenges are best approached by first understanding opossum behaviour.
  • To begin, recognise that possums like to live in a natural wooded setting near water sources for possum management.
  • Second, keep in mind that possums will make their homes in holes dug into the earth, shrub crevices, woodpiles, or locations beneath patios and structures.
  • These are likewise nocturnal campaigners, active only at night and asleep throughout the day. That may make spotting this lawn and plant thief difficult.

These observations will help you find the best plan on how to get rid of possums. Just keep your senses alert and the traps or repellent handy.

As you now know how to get rid of possums, you can get started soon. The longer you wait for the possums to leave your property on their own, the more they will damage it. They will keep increasing, give birth to new baby possums, and your place will become a zoo before you know it.

In such cases, hire experts like SES Pest Control Canberra and make your place possum-free immediately. Even though it seems easy to exterminate them, it’s not. They may pretend to be dead or die during the procedure, and you may have to pay the price. On the other hand, hiring professionals is safe and hassle-free.