Whether you think opossums are cute or not, you don’t want them on your land or in your house. These cat-sized marsupials resemble rats, with sharp pink noses and long bare tails. While footage of baby opossums might be entertaining to watch online, wild possums can be rather terrifying and hazardous for any Australian resident to handle alone. Also, as per Australian law, you cannot catch or trap possum on your own without a license. Therefore, if you have possums dwelling on your property, then your only option is to rely on professional Possum removal Curtin has many certified pest control companies that can offer you reliable possum removal services at affordable rates.

Do you have Possums?

Possums are not a problem that you want on your property. They not only spread diseases like flesh-eating ulcers, leptospirosis, and tularaemia, but they can also do significant damage to your house. If you have opossums on your property, you will always find a few clues to their existence if you understand what to look for. The following are some common warning indicators that tell if you have possums on your property:

Property Damage

Broken roofing and loose shingles might indicate that a possum has invaded your attic using its powerful jaws and claws. Roof soffit and gutters may also show indications of clawing or climbing.

Noxious odours

Opossums leave large moist droppings that can seep into your home’s wood or insulation, leaving an unpleasant stench.

Nighttime noises

Possums are nocturnal creatures that only get active when the sun sets. So if you hear weird noises such as clawing, screeching, or hissing during the night, it suggests an opossum infestation.

If you are troubled with any of the above mention signs, then it is high time to book a service that offers emergency Ses pest control that can provide affordable possum removal services. Certified professionals have access to cutting-edge technology and years of expertise that allows them to eliminate possums from your property in a short time.

How Can Professionals Help You?

Possums are destructive to houses and detrimental to your and your family’s health. Attempting to address a possum issue on your own might result in serious bites or injuries if you are unfamiliar with what you’re dealing with. As a result, you must contact a qualified pest control specialist to eradicate these creatures from your house. We offer high-quality pest management services to commercial and residential property owners who require pest control. If possums are infesting your property this year, contact us for the latest and most effective pest treatments.