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Do you have pesky pests invading your workplace? Are you concerned about the health of you and your loved ones due to a pest infestation in your home? Worry not, we have got your back! At SES Pest Control, we can assist you in getting rid of your current pest-related issue and preventing it from recurring. We specialise in commercial and residential pest control, and we work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best Pest Control Curtin services. From cockroaches to rodents, our talented and highly trained technicians have seen it all and are ready to assist you in regaining control of your living and working spaces. Our extensive experience, combined with cutting-edge technology, keeps you safe from pests.

Therefore, SES Pest Control is the ideal solution to all of your pest issues. We offer tailored solutions, cost-effective pest control treatment plans, and exceptional customer service. Most importantly, we use environmentally friendly and safe chemicals because your health is our top priority. Call us today at 0244042308 or visit us online for a quick, detailed quote.

Safe And Effective Pest Control Curtin

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Our Specific Pest Control Services

Some of the specific pest control services Curtin that we can offer with exceptional quality are as follows:

  • Ant Control Curtin
  • Bed Bug Control Curtin
  • Cockroach Control Curtin
  • Possum Removal Curtin
  • Flea Control Curtin
  • Wasps and Bee Control Giralan
  • Rodent & Mice Control Curtin
  • Silverfish Control Curtin
  • And more!

All of the pest control services mentioned above are provided to the highest industry standards. Call our team for 24/7 assistance and take advantage of our emergency pest treatments and pest control services to capture the creatures you have been living with.

What We Offer

SES Pest Control is a well-known pest control service provider in Curtin, offering the best pest control treatments and pest control services for both commercial and residential properties.

Residential Pest Control Services Curtin

Residential Pest Control Services Curtin

A healthy and safe environment is best for you and your loved ones to live in—not pesky pests! As one of the best pest control Curtin service providers, we understand the importance of your loved ones’ health in your home. Our primary goal is to make your living space safer, healthier, and more sanitary, and we guarantee that we will eliminate pests and protect against them. So, when it comes to keeping your home pest-free, look no further than SES Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control Services Curtin

Commercial Pest Control Services Curtin

Pests, whether small or large, can be dangerous to the well-being of your customers and employees, as well as the business. SES Pest Control offers commercial pest control services Curtin that are effective, safe, and of the highest quality. Our professional team has the expertise and knowledge to handle any pest control need in any industry. You can count on us to do the job right and protect your company’s reputation.

Same-day Pest Control Service Curtin

Same-day Pest Control Service Curtin

Unwanted pests in your home or workplace can not only be a nuisance, but they can also cause serious damage, leaving you with unnecessary costs and stress. That is why SES Pest Control, as one of the best Pest Control Curtin service providers, is committed to providing high-quality same-day pest control services at a reasonable price. We are well-equipped to assist with any pest-related issues and are frequently prepared to complete them the same day you reach out to us.

 Affordable Pest Control Services Curtin

Affordable Pest Control Services Curtin

We offer highly competitive pricing for both residential and commercial projects, but our services go above and beyond. With our affordable and dependable pest control services throughout Curtin, you can get immediate relief from cockroaches, ants, rodents, bees, and other pests. Thus, if you want to solve your pest problems at your workplace or home at the lowest possible cost, we can help you!

Licensed & Protected Services Curtin

Licensed & Protected Services Curtin

As one of the best pest control Curtin service providers, we have the knowledge and experience to handle almost any pest control situation. All of our technicians are fully licenced and insured in order to provide the best residential and commercial pest control services. We will restore your living and working environment to its original state: pest-free!

Why Choose Us?

As a pest control industry leader, SES Pest Control only wants the best for your home or business. Here is a list of the top reasons why you should hire us to keep your property pest-free at all times.

Experienced Professionals

Certified and experienced professionals

Fully insured

Guaranteed satisfaction

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology

Pet Friendly

Fully insured

24*7 Assistance

Emergency service

Pests Inspection

24/7 service is available


100% secure and dependable

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common warning signs of a pest infestation?

Ans. One of the most common signs of a pest infestation in your space is pest droppings. Other indicators include tiny holes in the floors and walls, dead bugs, strange odours and noises, active pests, chewed items, and furniture holes.

2. What is the average cost of a pest control treatment in Curtin?

Ans. The cost of hiring pest control treatment and services in Curtin and surrounding areas varies according to the type of pests and the level of pest infestation in any given space.

3. How long does a typical pest control treatment take?

Ans. The duration of pest treatment is determined by the type of pest and the level of infestation. Some pests require only one treatment, but others, such as bed bugs and fleas, require two or three treatments.

4. When should I expect to see the pest control treatment’s results?

Ans. Creepy pests are constantly trying to find their way onto your property in search of food, water, shelter, or all three. If these uninvited guests return to your premises, feel free to contact us. Our pest control service comes with a full guarantee.

5. What types of pests should I be concerned about?

Ans. There are numerous pest species that can cause significant property damage and cause a variety of health issues. Pests to be concerned about include cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, spiders, silverfish, and rodents.

When you have uninvited guests creeping and crawling through your property, turn to us at SES Pest Control Curtin for dependable and affordable pest control services you can rely on. Call us today at 0244042308 or visit us online to schedule your appointment.

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