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Pests in Florey are as bad as they are in the whole continent. They thrive in the murkiest corners of your property and make your life a nightmare. By now, you must know the dangers of having a pest infestation in your house or in your office. But many still don’t know that taking care of such a harmful problem all by yourself can prove to be risky. Firstly, with no proper knowledge, you could buy the wrong products for the treatment. So, if you apply these, they will be ineffective on the pests and harm the environment. Lastly, DIY pest control won’t be long-lasting, thus making the entire process expensive. You can forget all these problems by hiring Florey’s Leading Pest Control Company!

SES Pest Control is one of the top ten pest control services in the suburb. We have reached this status because of our skills, hard work, and passion for providing our clients with the pest-free property. Our team is trained and certified to deal with pests, and they do so while answering all your queries.

We offer pest control to anyone, may it be a house, an office, a restaurant, or a rented-out space. Thanks to our versatile service, our clients range from homeowners to people in business. Our team offers many benefits to our customers, such as 24/7 customer support, Emergency Pest Control Florey, personalized treatment, and affordable pricing. We have put these features in place to give you the most hassle-free service.

With our years of experience, efficient service, and treatments for almost every Florey pest, we have come to be known as a highly reliable pest control service. You can secure our service by connecting to us for your pest problems!

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    Why do pests come into my house?

    If you find pests in your house, you may wonder why they are on your property. After all, you have a seemingly clean place. But pests are not looking for just a dirty property to attack – there are other things that attract them to you.


    Even after cleaning the kitchen, food crumbs can stay behind. Pests like ants and flies feast on these little crumbs, while bigger pests like rodents like to munch on sweet treats in paper and cardboard packages. Keeping such food items out in the open is an invitation to the Pest Infestation in Florey.


    Pests live in humid and damp areas. So, if you see pests on your property, you must check if you have a water problem. Leaky pipes, damp walls, and uncurbed humidity are some of the reasons why pests come into your house.


    Cleaning only the important areas of your house is not enough. Because pests make themselves at home in messy places. For example, you may find these creatures lurking in the attic, by the garbage can, or in rooms that are usually locked, dark and cluttered.

    What makes us Local Pest Control Specialists in Florey?

    Licensed personnel

    Our team of experts are licensed and certified, with years of experience backing up their skills. Thanks to our professionals, we have performed hundreds of Pest Control Treatments in Florey with successful results.

    High-quality and safe solutions

    We believe in providing safe pest control to all our customers. Thus, you will only find our team using safe and eco-friendly products. Our tools are also high-quality and safe to use around your property.

    Reasonable Rates

    Our treatments are customized for every pest infestation. As a result, the price also differs. But we always keep our rates affordable to everyone. With reasonably priced and high-quality treatments, we give you a Cost-effective Pest Control Florey Service.

    Customer-oriented approach

    A customer-friendly service is needed in the pest control business. We make ourselves approachable with tons of features, such as service on weekends and holidays, same-day pest control, and personalized plans. Our team also offers monthly, bi-yearly and annual plans for proactive Pest Control in Florey.

    How do our experts carry out the Pest Control Florey Process?

    At SES Pest Control, we believe in giving you a thorough and effective pest control process. Thus, we use a scientific method that has always provided the best results to all our clients. It is a three-fold process, starting with an initial assessment, followed by Pest Control Florey Treatment and Final inspection.

    Ses Pest Control

    Pre-treatment visit

    Our team only starts treatment after assessing the pest situation. In fact, our first step is to inspect your property after you book our appointment. We check the level of infestation along with the number of damaged areas. Based on our observations, we generate a report that helps us choose the right treatment plan.

    Ses Pest Control

    Eradication treatment

    Our pest control treatment is personalized to suit the pest problem on your property. Moreover, we also use quality products to destroy the myth of pest control being harmful or dangerous. Our efficient Pest Control Florey Experts always deliver a result that is efficient and long-lasting.

    Ses Pest Control

    Post-treatment inspection

    We visit your property after a week or two to see the effects of our treatment. Our Florey Pest Control works almost all the time – but if we don’t see the desired result, we offer to provide another treatment. We also leave you with suggestions that will help you prevent pest infestations in the future.

    You can contact us for a free quotation for our pest control service at your convenience!

    Same Day Florey Pest Control

    There are many signs of noticing pest control infestation on your property. These signs are easy to spot, from pest droppings in the corners of the rooms to chewed-out food packets. Seeing such signs calls for Emergency Pest Control Florey. Why? Because if left unattended, pest infestations can cause several problems, including health issues and property damage. Rest easy, as we offer Same-Day Pest Control Services in Florey.

    Our professionals are skilled and alert, ready to attend to unplanned and sudden requests. We will reach your property soon after you place your call and apply suitable treatment to minimize the number of pests. As we are available even on weekends and holidays, our clients have come to refer to us as Local Pest Control Specialists in Florey.

    End of Lease Pest Control Florey

    Pests also affect people living or working in rented places. Thus, if you see pests in the house or establishment you rent, you can avail of our end of lease Florey Pest Control Services. We bring with us our experience and skilful techniques to provide pest-free property. This way, you can give back the rented place just the way you got it.

    Along with this service, our experts offer Pre-purchase Pest Control in Florey. You can book this treatment to ensure that the place you’re shifting to has no pest problems. Moreover, our team works in such a way that these creatures won’t appear around you for a longer period.

    Residential Florey Pest Control

    Pests in Florey houses are a nuisance. And if one or two creatures become a full-fledged infestation, they become even more harmful. Our team takes care of it by offering Residential Pest Control in Florey. We use only eco-friendly and non-toxic products during our treatment to protect your family’s health. Our techniques are so safe that you can stay on the premises even during our Pest Control Florey sessions. We complete our work quickly so you can have a treated and clean house all to yourself in record time.

    Commercial Pest Control Florey

    Commercial areas, such as offices, restaurants, and warehouses, are prone to get pest infestations. But as such places have more people coming in and going out, you must take immediate steps to take care of it. You’re in luck, as our professionals are experts in providing Commercial Pest Control in Florey.

    Our pest controllers can spot the damage in and around your commercial building in moments. We offer a quick yet efficient pest control service to ensure that your business is not disturbed by us. Because of our reliability and fantastic methods, many commercial establishments in Florey are a part of our vast customer family.

    We treat all pests!

    Florey is an unwilling home to many pests, from rodents and silverfish to birds and ants. As a result, our experts offer protection against every pest. We constantly upgrade our pest control techniques to ensure our treatments are safe and foolproof against any pest infestation. Here are some of the pests we offer effective treatments for:

    Silverfish Control

    This white, wingless pest is more harmful to your possessions. Silverfish become active at night to feast on books, clothing, and food packets. Protect your property from silverfish by booking our Reliable Pest Control Service in Florey.

    Possum Removal

    Possums can enter your house through various points – roofs, backyard, and open doors. These carry diseases and are deadly while defending themselves. So, instead of attempting to remove them, call for emergency pest control so that we can remove them safely.

    Rodent Control

    Rodents are known to damage electric wires, food storage, and wood. Along with this destruction, these pests are also carriers of various diseases. But as everyone knows how dangerous rodents can be, you must call our Expert Pest Controllers in Florey as soon as you notice even one rat or mouse.

    Spider Control

    Spiders are one of the many common pests in this residential suburb. Some species may be harmless, and some may not be. But the spiderwebs and their eggs are annoying to see on your property. You can forget the pest problem with us as we have the most efficient Pest Control Florey Treatment to remove it.

    Birds Removal

    Birds become pests when they build nests on the window ledges and leave droppings all over the property. Our experts have effective methods to remove them from your property. We also take steps to ensure they don’t make nests ever again.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What pests are included in Pest Control Florey Services?

    Ans. As Pest Control Specialists in Florey, we offer treatments for most pests. Some of these are rodents, ants, silverfish, roaches, and spiders. We also provide services for removing possums and birds. You can reach out to us to find out what other pests we cover.

    How long does it take for Florey Pest Control to be effective?

    Ans. Treatment for every pest is different. Not to forget, it also depends on the level of infestation and the number of harmed areas. As a result, our experts can estimate the effects only after assessing your property. But you can expect a significant change in the number of pests in less than 48 hours after the treatment application.

    Should I clean the Kitchen after Pest Control Florey?

    Ans. Our Expert Pest Controllers in Florey apply the solutions in every damaged area. If your kitchen falls in one of these areas, cleaning it will remove the measures we took to get rid of pests. Our team will give you a timeframe for the treatment to set in; you can clean your kitchen after that.

    Why shouldn’t I do my own pest control?

    Ans. Doing pest control without professional assistance can do more damage than good. Firstly, you’re not certified to deal with pests. As a result, you may misidentify the pests, especially the smaller ones. You can also apply the wrong products, thus making a bigger, more harmful mess. The only proper and efficient solution is hiring our experts.

    Will Pest Control Florey Experts get rid of mice??

    Ans. Yes. Our experts are specifically trained to deal with mice infestation. We find out why mice are on your property before applying the proper treatment to remove them. Our methods are efficient, with results that last long.

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