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Is possum infestation in your premises increasing day by day? Don’t panic, as we at SES Pest Control Canberra will help you to get rid of possum pests. Our company has the best leaders in the market who provide effective and efficient Possum removal Canberra service at an affordable price. You can rely on us completely.

And also our versatile team offers possum removal service in the suburbs of Canberra. Moreover, you can read the positive feedback given by the previous clients. Thus, for a budget-friendly quotation, book our service by either calling us at SES Pest Control Canberra or online.

Different locations where we provide our possum removal service in Canberra

Let’s get familiar with public places where our team also provides all the facilities. Hence, these are mentioned below:

  • Hospitals and health care centres
  • Colleges and schools
  • Residential plus commercial property
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Manufacturing industries and factories
  • Housing complex.

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    Hire possum removal experts at low prices

    Possums like gnawing on wiring, could cost you big bucks in restoration and put your kids in danger of explosion and damage to property. Many Canberra properties are impacted by these challenges, necessitating expert possum removal. SES Pest Control Canberra specialise in effective and economical possum removal, as well as we back that up with exceptional service. Our standard pest control firm has multiple decades of possum removal experience and provides outstanding service to each of our clients in Canberra. Our possum control Canberra professionals are competent and completely licenced, so your possum issue will be treated quickly.

    We help households and company owners fix possum traps, cover roof entrance goals to keep these pests out, and provide tried and true ways for effectively removing them from your property.

    You can recruit us for residential as well as commercial possum removal

    Getting rid of possums in your home can be a time-consuming operation. This may be too difficult for the normal individual, specifically if you don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the problem. Therefore, Canberra residents should use residential or home possum pest control Canberra services.

    In addition, we offer commercial possum removal services to Canberra business owners. Our fantastic firm will treat the invasion quickly to ensure that the possums don’t really disturb and negatively impact efficiency in your workplace. We will effectively remove these creatures from your office buildings, whether it is for a big-scale or local firm. It is strongly advised that you use our possum pest removal services. Simply book an interview with our pest removal specialists, and we will be there to help you right away.

    Our end to end possum removal process in Canberra

    That’s how possum catcher Canberra experts execute our excellent possum removal treatment in Canberra to safeguard your home from the damage done by possum invasions.

    • Inspection

    Our qualified possum pest treatment technicians will investigate all entry points, your roof area, cellar, and other areas. We will investigate the degree of the invasion, property damage, circumstances that lead to the outbreak, and other issues. Depending on the inspection results, we will develop a treatment approach. It will include the type of removal required, the timetable for treatment, the desired outputs, and the site where the animal will be freed.

    • Possum removal service

    We then next carry out the approach after personalizing the treatment technique. Our living and dead possum disposal specialists utilise a box trap to capture the possum and remove any deceased possums located on your property. We will unleash the creature within 50 metres of your premises, in accordance with Australian laws. To assure that possums do not come back, our experts will possum protect your house and seal any entrance points on your premises. We also may propose substantial repairs or alterations according to your problems and the condition of your property to assure that the invasion does not reoccur.

    • Post-inspection

    Following the completion of the removal process, a thorough and complete inspection process will be conducted. This ensures that all these creatures have been removed from your premises.

    Hire us to get rid of possums in cases of emergencies in Canberra

    With many years of expertise, we are among the top general pest management businesses in Canberra, offering emergency possum removal services at affordable possum removal Canberra cost. When dealing with this problem, our experts understand that getting a possum removed from the property should be the main priority. As a result, we offer our customers emergency possum removal services. This ensures that our possum catchers will arrive promptly at any hour of the day to tackle your problem.

    Why is it essential to get rid of dead possums as quickly as possible?

    • It’s crucial to get rid of deceased possums from your property since they can create major health concerns. If you have a dead possum in your house, diseases like Salmonella can affect you. Furthermore, who needs a dead animal on or near their property?
    • If you plan to sell your house, creatures that have passed on the property might dramatically lower its value. If your home has an unappealing odour, its value will plunge and nobody will be willing to buy it.
    • Microbes on a dead possum will decompose the organs. A natural dead gas leak develops, causing a harsh odour to ascend. When they get to know about the dead possum, people seldom call. Our dead possum removal Canberra experts can remove a corpse from your house or workplace in a secure manner. Dead possum removal in Canberra, for example, may assist you in getting rid of them.
    • Furthermore, they create an awful odour, requiring their removal as soon as possible. It is very important to take good care of your property’s sanitation.  Apart from that, deceased possums contain lots of new bacteria that may be damaging to your wellbeing and also the wellbeing of your pets. There’s a strong possibility you won’t locate the dead possum under your patio. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of your pet becoming affected if it crawls through a hole.

    Why call us for possum removal?

    SES Pest Control Canberra has a team of skilled possum catchers on staff that can effectively remove possums from any type of surface. We also serve Canberra’s nearest area:- LynehamHarrison,  DunlopActonHughes,  Forde,  Weston Creek,  WrightEvatt,  Watson, and Spence. We have a presence in every nook and cranny of Canberra. We perform possum removal Canberra service in most areas with a group of licenced and professional experts.

    • With years of expertise removing possums around Canberra.
    • Because your health is our priority, we take extra precautions when implementing possum removal measures.
    • We provide emergency and same-day services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • For possum removal in Canberra, our experts use cutting-edge tools and approaches.
    • We ensure complete client happiness.
    • Moreover, our professionals have comprehensive government certification.
    • Only use methods that are sustainable and non-toxic.
    • We have experts that are certified and licenced.
    • Cover all possum access sites and identify and remove the deceased possum.
    • Possums stuck in your roof and chimneys are also removed.
    • We service all areas of Canberra, including non-metro and metro.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you get rid of possums in Canberra?

    Ans. Possums can be deterred by illuminating the area and leaving it on for two to three days and nights after dusting it with a quassia chip. The smell and light should cause the possum to leave your property. Some possums, on the other hand, can be more bothersome, and they may to hide somewhere else. By hiring SES Pest Control Canberra, you and effectively rid your place of these annoyances in a careful manner.

    How much does it cost to get rid of possums?

    Ans. The overall cost to remove possums from your premises varies based on the geographic location of your property, the region where they hide, and the type of technique or expertise needed to remove the possums securely. However, SES Pest Control Canberra offers possum control services in Canberra at prices that are fair and services that are highly effective. For a free quote, give us a call right away.

    Can I remove a possum from my house?

    Ans. The answer is no, you cannot get rid of possums without a permit. In Australia, possums are protected, so it is prohibited to collect, kill, or trap them without a permit and the necessary training. You might even end up in jail for it or be necessitated to pay a fine. Therefore, you should hire pest control experts to handle the pesky possums if you want to eliminate of them from your home.

    Can pest control get rid of possums?

    Ans. Yes, our highly trained pest control specialists have the equipment, rigorous methods, and years of experience needed to quickly remove the annoying possums from your home. In order to prevent any injury to the possums, our experts will remove them from your home and move them to a secure location. To learn more about pest control services in Canberra, contact us right away.

    Customer Reviews



    We had an issue of possums in our house and my kids got really scared with them. We even stopped going to our backyard. We really needed to fix that and SES pest control helped us in that. Their technician was meticulous in his treatment, walking me through each step and explaining how each treatment process worked. He also took the time to explain the risks associated with each chemical, so I am confident in the treatment’s safety. He was a great guy and really knew his work. So glad, I called you guys!



    For the past 30 years, we have relied on the excellent services of Best Pest Control service. We are always under pressure as a veterinary hospital to keep our facilities pest-free. Best pest control service has always gone above and above in assisting us with this. The office staff is always kind and accommodating, and the technicians are always on time, professional, and knowledgeable about their jobs. For all of our clients’ at-home pest control requirements, we strongly suggest these guys. Thanks!



    I simply wanted to express my gratitude to Ledford’s for a job well done. Bright pest control’s team provides us with servicing on a quarterly basis, and we’ve never had a problem that he couldn’t address. This is still true today. We saw a swarm of ants on a kitchen wall opposite an outlet last night. Their technician visited this afternoon after I contacted them this morning. They spent a lot of time discussing the problem and how to resolve it to us. I definitely recommend your service and am grateful for your employees’ help, competence, and positive dispositions. Good job guys!



    Thank you for the excellent service that your firm has offered to my family. My Mother, in particular, had major pest problems at her house, and your company responded quickly and professionally. Your employees should be recognised for providing excellent customer service. Their technician arrived at my Mother’s house and promised us that they would be able to handle her problems. My mother is in her late nineties, and both of these young gentlemen treated us with the greatest patience and care. We couldn’t have wished for a better pest control service to guide us through such a trying time. Thanks!

    Location: Canberra, (ACT) Australia