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Reliable Emergency Possum Removal Services in Nicholls

Possums are known to avoid humans and never intentionally hurt people. They are indigenous species that take shelter under the roof or basement and cause damage to your property. Despite the fact that they avoid humans, their presence on the property can have a significant impact on human health.

Are you looking for possum removal Nicholls experts because you’ve noticed possum signs close to your property? Are you tired of the constant clicking, hissing, and growling possum sounds? Is the possum urine odour unbearable? Contact Ses Pest Control Nicholls and solve all your possum problems at once!

At Ses Pest Control, our possum removal Nicholls experts examine the extent of the possum infestation and the severity of the damage to offer customised same-day possum removal services.

We established ourselves as the go-to company for possum trapping services with humane possum removal thanks to our standardised pest removal services and certified, experienced possum removal specialists.

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    What are Possums?

    Possums are small marsupials indigenous animals that live all over Australia. They can be as small as a mouse, like the tiny Western Pygmy Possum (Cercartetus concinnus), which weighs only 15 grammes, or as large as a cat.

    Common Possum Species found in Nicholls , Australia

    Australia is known to be home to several possum species; however, the following are the most common possum species in Australia.


    Common Brushtail Possum

    Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) are native to Australia and gets its name from its obviously furry tail. They are nocturnal animals and can easily navigate through dark spots in wild or in your home.

    Trichosurus vulpecula is known to consume leaves, tree branches, and particularly eucalyptus leaves. Plus, they are occasionally known to eat small mammals like rats and mice.

    They come in silver-grey, brown, black, and gold colourations. Their tail, which can grasp them and support them as they swing from tree to tree, is another distinguishing characteristic.


    Ringtail Possum

    This possum species has a cream-coloured underbelly and white patches under its eyes, and it is grey in colour. They also have a prehensile tail that they use to grasp objects for better mobility, but their tail has a distinct white tip that takes up almost a quarter of its length.

    Ringtail possums look frightening due to their sharp molars and pointed cusps. These creatures range in size from 30-35 cm in length and weigh 550-1100 g. (excluding the length of their tail).

    Got a ringtail possum on your property? Contact possum removal Nicholls experts at Ses Pest Control!

    Want to know more about possums near you, contact our possum removal experts today!

    Places Where Possums Hide on Your Property

    Possums search for the best places to live in order to thrive. So, these are some places where they frequently hide and build their nests.













    Do You Need Professional Possum Removal Nicholls Experts?

    It is surprising that a possum infestation on the property can have devastating effects. Possums can harm your health and cause financial issues for the reasons that follow:

    • Possum droppings contain bacteria that can cause human flesh-eating ulcers.
    • Possum dropping exposure for a long time can cause functional disability in humans.
    • Possums prefer to live in trees and are most common in rural and semi-urban areas. In contrast, they attempt to live on roofs in urban areas, which can harm the roof tiles.
    • They will try to eat whatever they want, rip insulation and ductwork, leave stains and offensive odours, and more if they gain access to your house.
    • Possums frequently act aggressively towards your pets and frequently bring fleas and ticks inside with them.

    Are you aware that killing possums is illegal in Australia? Did you know that alive or dead possum removal needs a great deal of caution? Possum uses their sharp teeth to defend themselves when cornered. As a result, you ought to avoid trying possum removal from roof and other parts of the property yourself. Additionally, removing a ringtail possum in Nicholls requires a permit.
    Ses Pest Control provides same-day and emergency possum removal services to resolve the problem at hand immediately.

    Our Trustworthy and Safe Possum Removal Services

    • Pre-purchase Possum Inspection
    • Backyard Possum Removal
    • Dead Possum Removal
    • Under Deck Possum Removal
    • Same-Day Possum Removal
    • Emergency Possum Removal

    The Possum Removal Treatment Process

    At Ses Pest Control Nicholls , we have a unique possum removal process to offer the best outcome. We provide dead possum removal in Nicholls as well as same-day possum removal services. We work with wildlife departments to coordinate the efficient eradication of the pest from your property.
    As a reliable domestic and commercial possum removal company, we have a four-step to get rid of the pests from your property.

    Ses Pest Control

    Step 1 – Possum Removal Inspection

    Our certified and trained possum removal Nicholls technician will visit your property as soon as we receive your request to inspect potential animal habitats close to your house. We will also determine the degree of the infestation, the scope of any damage they have done, the potential risks the infestation poses to you and your property, the entry points, and more.
    Our technicians will also verify the species of possums that are living on your establishment. Ringtail and Brushtail Possums are the most seen possum species in Nicholls .

    Ses Pest Control

    Step 2 – Possum Removal Plan

    At Ses Pest Control, our technicians will create specific same-day possum removal services to remove possums near your property based on the results of the inspection. The removal procedures, timeline, list of government approvals needed, and other details will all be included in the plan.
    We have a committed research and support team that we use to examine possum behaviour patterns and handle legal matters.

    Ses Pest Control

    Step 3 – Removal of Possums

    Our licensed possum removal Nicholls experts will capture the pests from your property as specified in the removal plan without putting them under undue stress. Possums are typically trapped in cage traps that are made of wire mesh. Every day in the early morning, our technicians will check the traps and release the animals in accordance with Wildlife Australia’s regulations. Want to know more about domestic and commercial possum removal techniques? Contact us today!

    Ses Pest Control

    Step 4 – Prevention

    In addition to removal, ongoing prevention is crucial for possum control in your neighbourhood. You can prevent pests from entering your property zone by taking the following actions:

    • You can install plastic barriers to prevent them from climbing trees
    • Ensure that all openings are sealed to stop the pest from accessing your property
    • You may even get fences with spikes to limit their movement
    • Covering fruit trees and edible plants using nets
    • Securing pet food tightly and dispose of uneaten food immediately
    • To prevent further infestations, our possum control specialists can assist you in building a potential barrier around your property. Want to know more about fencing and possum-proofing techniques? Contact experts at Ses Pest Control!

    Fast and Reliable Possum Box Installation

    Possum Nests Box on a Tree

    Technicians place possum nest boxes on the tree to improve the likelihood of quickly catching possums

    Possums Control Box

    A possum control box is used to minimise the damage caused by possums. Fencing and possum-proofing technicians set up a possum control box to trap and temporarily close them.

    Possum Nest Box

    At Ses Pest Control, we also have boxes that resemble possum nests; they quickly draw them to the box and are simple to catch.

    Where Can You Spot Possums in Australia?

    Possums are arboreal creatures that occasionally descend to the ground in search of food.

    In urban areas, it’s common to see and hear Common Brushtail Possums scampering across rooftops at night. In addition to the southeast corner of South Australia, they also reside in Queensland, Nicholls , New South Wales, Victoria, Canberra, Tasmania, central Australia, including the southern Northern Territory, and along the southwest coast of Western Australia.

    Less frequent and slightly smaller than Brushtail possums are common ringtail possums. They reside in Queensland, Nicholls , New South Wales, Canberra, the majority of Victoria, Tasmania, and the southwest of Western Australia along Australia’s east coast.

    If neither species of possum can find suitable homes in trees, they may decide to live on your roof.

    Quick facts

    Fun fact possums and gliders are related. In Australia, there are 27 different varieties of possums and gliders. Plus, there are two types of cuscus.

    Decades of Possum Removal, Rescue, and Humane Support Experience

    Residents of Nicholls are familiar with Possum Removal, and we have proven our value by providing 24/7 possum removal, rescue, and support services. Over the years, we have been helpful to thousands of homes and offices and people in saving them and their property from major problems created by possums. The best possum removal specialists in Nicholls on our team have a Certificate and excel in what they do.

    You can follow emergency rescue advice because we have experience helping both urban and rural homes that frequently experience possum attacks. To keep our possum removal services and methods cutting-edge and environmentally friendly, we stay in touch with possum conservationists, governing bodies, and research institutions in Australia.

    If you want a company with decades of domestic and commercial possum removal experience to handle your possum infestation in Nicholls , keep in touch with us. for assistance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you employ any poisonous agents for backyard possum removal treatment?

    Ans. No, we don’t use any poisonous materials to get rid of the possum; instead, we only employ safe and secure procedures. Want to know more about our backyard and under deck possum removal treatments? Contact experts at Ses Pest Control.

    Do you offer dead possum removal service?

    Ans. A dead possum should not be removed manually because it is highly contagious and can infect you and your family.
    Therefore, contacting a professional to remove a dead possum with the best option. Experts use protective gloves, remove possum carcasses, and sanitise the area to ensure that no germs are left behind.

    Is Ses Pest Control licenced to remove possums?

    Ans. Yes, our possum control specialists are specially trained to catch and relocate possums without hurting them. Plus, they can finish the process in less time. We are a certified pest control company for possum removal in Nicholls .

    Is possum removal from roof possible? And do they come back about the service?

    Ans. Yes, possum removal from roof is possible. However, you must install proper fencing around your home to keep possums from climbing on your roof.
    If the possum keeps returning, you should seek assistance from possum removal experts in Nicholls .

    What is the price of domestic and commercial possum removal services in Nicholls ?

    Ans. The cost of possum removal varies greatly depending on the state of your property. These factors include the size of the possum infestation, the location of the possums, whether they have caused damage, the labour required to block off the access point, and whether the possums need to be removed over the course of several visits.

    Are there any hidden risks associated with taking care of a possum problem yourself in Nicholls?

    Ans. Your attempt at removing possums without assistance could result in the disturbance of their habitat or cause them stress, which might cause them to react defensively by scratching, biting, and/or hissing. Additionally, without adequate knowledge and experience in sealing entry points professionally, it is possible that possums might come back, or that other wildlife may invade your property.

    Can possums cause damage to my property in Nicholls?

    Ans. Unfortunately, yes, possums can potentially cause damage to your property in Nicholls by chewing through wood and wires as well as creating nests in walls and ceilings. Repairing the resulting damage might end up being very expensive; therefore, addressing possum-related problems in a timely manner can help prevent further damage.

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    We had an issue of possums in our house and my kids got really scared with them. We even stopped going to our backyard. We really needed to fix that and SES pest control helped us in that. Their technician was meticulous in his treatment, walking me through each step and explaining how each treatment process worked. He also took the time to explain the risks associated with each chemical, so I am confident in the treatment’s safety. He was a great guy and really knew his work. So glad, I called you guys!



    For the past 30 years, we have relied on the excellent services of Best Pest Control service. We are always under pressure as a veterinary hospital to keep our facilities pest-free. Best pest control service has always gone above and above in assisting us with this. The office staff is always kind and accommodating, and the technicians are always on time, professional, and knowledgeable about their jobs. For all of our clients’ at-home pest control requirements, we strongly suggest these guys. Thanks!



    I simply wanted to express my gratitude to Ledford’s for a job well done. Bright pest control’s team provides us with servicing on a quarterly basis, and we’ve never had a problem that he couldn’t address. This is still true today. We saw a swarm of ants on a kitchen wall opposite an outlet last night. Their technician visited this afternoon after I contacted them this morning. They spent a lot of time discussing the problem and how to resolve it to us. I definitely recommend your service and am grateful for your employees’ help, competence, and positive dispositions. Good job guys!



    Thank you for the excellent service that your firm has offered to my family. My Mother, in particular, had major pest problems at her house, and your company responded quickly and professionally. Your employees should be recognised for providing excellent customer service. Their technician arrived at my Mother’s house and promised us that they would be able to handle her problems. My mother is in her late nineties, and both of these young gentlemen treated us with the greatest patience and care. We couldn’t have wished for a better pest control service to guide us through such a trying time. Thanks!

    It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any signs that a possum has entered your home or chimney, even though it might just be passing by on the roof. If you see any indications of a possum den, contact Ses Pest Control Nicholls for assistance.

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