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Have you seen spider webs inside your cupboard, wall corners and shelves? If yes, your place might have a spider infestation. But with us, you can make your premises spider-free and live in a hygienic environment.

SES Pest Control Canberra is known for detailed and effective pest treatments. We are leading a spider control expert in Canberra. What makes us different from other companies is our genuine concern for customers’ well-being. Our staff maintain superior quality of services. Call us now to learn more.

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Signs of Spiders You Should Look For

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Spider webs

The most obvious indication that you have spiders in your home is the presence of spider webs outdoors or in the corners of your rooms. The web may have an orb-like shape or resemble a funnel.

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In the autumn, spiders emerge from their hiding places and begin hunting for spouses. They produce eggs in a silk sac that a female carries or attaches to their web. So, if you discover such a sac, you might have a spider infestation.

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Spider movements

If you notice any spiderivity in your basement, garage, or storage room, there can be a spider infestation.

If you have observed any of these signs, call us for the immediate spider control treatment.

Our Five-Step Spider Control Treatment


Our local pest controllers use different tests to inspect and assess the degree of spider infestation in your home. Additionally, they identify the kind of spiders that have made their home on your property. They use this examination to decide how to manage spiders.

Management of crawling spiders

If crawling spiders have taken over your property, professionals will exterminate all the insects by applying insecticides directly to them. They will also install a protective system to keep spiders from returning to your property.

Spider control with webbing

If webbing spiders have invaded your property, they will employ a combination of sprays and cleaning agents to ensure their removal from your premises.


Our professionals do follow-up visits after deploying spider control measures to see whether the remedy was successful. They also examine crevices and nooks to ensure that there hasn’t been a fresh spider infestation.

Prevention advice

When pest control professionals make follow-up visits, they will also provide practical and preventive advice to help keep spiders out of your house or place of business.

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    Prevention Tips to Keep Spiders at Bay

    Keep Your Place Always Clean

    All pests adore mess. They locate the best hiding areas amidst the confusion and growth. Put cleaning first, therefore. We are not requesting that you always maintain a broom close by. On the other hand, a routine cleaning and vacuuming schedule will work like magic.

    Fill in Wall Holes and Cracks

    Have you ever wondered how these unsettling crawling things got inside your house? The reason is simple: they try to enter your home through whatever crack or hole they can find. To plug in these spider access points, examine your home. Chaulk, a spider repellent, can also be applied to window edges outside.

    Get Rid of Dirt

    Keep your place clean and dust-free. Pay attention to ceilings, wall corners, floors under furniture, basements, shelves and similar hiding places for spiders.

    Remove Leftovers and Trash

    Pests can find nutrient-rich food in garbage cans and leftovers. Use caution and maintain complete cleanliness at your place.

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    Why Trust Us for Spider Control in Canberra?

    SES Pest Control Canberra has high-quality standards for spider control Canberra services. Our technicians are proud to offer trustworthy and safe pest treatments. We rank the top when you look for a reliable company to eliminate pests in Canberra and nearby areas. The local pest controllers remove insects with patience, dedication and skills.

    Here are some more reasons to hire us:

    Pests Inspection

    Affordable spider treatment in Canberra

    Fully insured

    High-Quality Assurance

    Advanced Technology

    100% result and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

    Pet Friendly

    Easy and Quick Booking

    24*7 Assistance

    Certified Staff

    Pests Inspection

    Years of Experience


    Green Solutions

    Our Company’s Top Features

    Same-Day Pest Control

    To protect you from risks, we provide immediate same-day insect treatments. You may have a pest-free space at any moment by giving us a call. A benefit is having someone knowledgeable about bugs.

    We are fortunate to have the best professionals acquainted with all aspects of pests, including their behaviours, patterns, hiding places, and treatments. They do a pest check on your house and present a customised strategy appropriate for the circumstance. You won’t need to worry about anything else when you book us for same-day spider control in Canberra.

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    Green and Safe Pest Management Treatments

    Numerous ailments, acute infections, and skin irritations can all be brought on by toxic pesticides. These poisons might make your pet allergic or poison them. We thus employ eco-friendly and animal-friendly alternatives. We recognise that bringing harmful substances onto your residential or commercial premises is risky. Our pesticides only harm bugs; they are not harmful to people or their animal pals. Book our services if you have faith in us.

    High-Quality Services at a Reasonable Price

    You don’t need to spend a bunch to keep bugs out of your home. We provide high-quality and affordable spider removal services in Canberra. Our fees vary depending on your scenario, the type of pest, the scope of the infestation, and more. Before beginning the treatment, we first evaluate your property and discuss the cost.

    24/7 Customer Assistance

    We understand that pests may invade your place at any time. These creatures don’t know how the clock works. Therefore, we provide round-the-clock customer support to solve your queries and offer emergency spider control in Canberra.

    Residential Spider Control

    A home is a safe place where you play with your kids, sleep peacefully and cook your favourite meals. However, pests like spiders may ruin your peace of mind and hygiene and pose health threats. Therefore, we provide safe and customised residential spider control service.

    Commercial Spider Control

    Workplaces need to be clean and pest-free. How else can you bring security to your employees? Choose us for commercial spider control in Canberra, and your business site won’t suffer these nuisances. Call us now and learn more about our services. We work after your working hours and provide quick yet efficient solutions.

    Do you want to learn more about our services? Contact the specialists now; their reassuring voices will toss your doubts away.

    Book Your Inspection Today! Hurry Up

    No one likes their wall corners, furniture, and ceiling decorated with spider nets. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to eliminate them, they keep coming back. However, our professional can permanently remove them from your property. Get our professional service for spider control in Canberra and make your home or office spider-free today!

    Customer Reviews



    We had an issue of possums in our house and my kids got really scared with them. We even stopped going to our backyard. We really needed to fix that and SES pest control helped us in that. Their technician was meticulous in his treatment, walking me through each step and explaining how each treatment process worked. He also took the time to explain the risks associated with each chemical, so I am confident in the treatment’s safety. He was a great guy and really knew his work. So glad, I called you guys!



    For the past 30 years, we have relied on the excellent services of Best Pest Control service. We are always under pressure as a veterinary hospital to keep our facilities pest-free. Best pest control service has always gone above and above in assisting us with this. The office staff is always kind and accommodating, and the technicians are always on time, professional, and knowledgeable about their jobs. For all of our clients’ at-home pest control requirements, we strongly suggest these guys. Thanks!



    I simply wanted to express my gratitude to Ledford’s for a job well done. Bright pest control’s team provides us with servicing on a quarterly basis, and we’ve never had a problem that he couldn’t address. This is still true today. We saw a swarm of ants on a kitchen wall opposite an outlet last night. Their technician visited this afternoon after I contacted them this morning. They spent a lot of time discussing the problem and how to resolve it to us. I definitely recommend your service and am grateful for your employees’ help, competence, and positive dispositions. Good job guys!



    Thank you for the excellent service that your firm has offered to my family. My Mother, in particular, had major pest problems at her house, and your company responded quickly and professionally. Your employees should be recognised for providing excellent customer service. Their technician arrived at my Mother’s house and promised us that they would be able to handle her problems. My mother is in her late nineties, and both of these young gentlemen treated us with the greatest patience and care. We couldn’t have wished for a better pest control service to guide us through such a trying time. Thanks!