Why is Professional Dead Animal Service Important?

Dead possum removal Canberra specialists have state-of-the-art tools and techniques to easily remove the possum carcass even from the most complex spaces. You must be wondering why you should hire a professional dead animal removal service in Canberra to help you remove a deceased animal when you can just discard it on your own, right? However, why DIY pest control is not recommended as the right solution because decaying animal carcasses becomes even more dangerous than when they were alive. The fluid released from its decaying body contains myriad pathogens and severe disease-causing bacteria that can pose a great threat to your health and that of your family members. Apart from health risks, the presence of an animal carcass is not just an eyesore but also makes your place smell terrible. With the help of qualified experts, you can easily get rid of the dead animal carcass within a day.

The foul lingering odour can last for a long time until and unless the carcass is eliminated or the fluid dries out completely. This awful stench not just makes staying inside the premises unbearable but also makes your place look uninviting. That is why the expulsion of a deceased possum or any dead animal from your Canberra house or workplace with the help of licensed experts is extremely important. Before removing the actual animal carcass, identifying the exact site of the dead possum is more complicated. Lack of experience, knowledge and essential tools can make the removal task extremely challenging. Get in touch with a certified company such as SES Pest Control to safely get rid of the deceased pest from your premises most safely and humanely possible.

What Are The Signs Of A Dead Animal Present In Your Canberra Property?

Because of a lack of natural habitat, certain pests like possums invade your house or workplace and wreak havoc on your property. What’s more disturbing is that they not just pose a health risk when they are alive but can also expose you to germs and viruses even after dying.  Licensed dead animal removal Canberra experts can handle such situations swiftly. Professionals are very well aware of pest behaviours and instincts which makes it easy for them to locate the site of the infestation quickly.

Let us take a look at the 3 most common signs that indicate the presence of a dead animal on your property:

Foul Stench

When an animal dies, its rotting body emits a terrible stench that could be subtle in the beginning but within two-three days, this nasty odour can become strong and make your place smell extremely unpleasant. This lingering odour all across your premise can not just make it unbearable to stay inside but can also induce frequent headaches and nausea in some people. Humidity and high temperatures can make this situation even worse. Dead animal removal Canberra experts can easily remove the rotting carcass and will also sanitize and deodorize the entire area to eliminate all the terrible odours and make your place healthy and smell fresh.

Flies hovering on your property

If you observe a swarm of flies or maggots unusually hovering in or around your premises and are not sure from where these annoyances are coming, there is a high possibility that you may have a dead animal present in your property or your backyard. Body fluid released from the decaying body is what attracts these critters and other insects to your property. In such a situation acting promptly and calling in pros becomes even more important. Get in touch with a pest control expert today to find out the actual cause of these tiny critters frequenting or flying in your house.

Presence of new stains

This indication of a presence of a deceased animal is especially apparent if there are no existing leakage or water problems present in your property that can give rise to new stains or marks on drywall or ceiling. So, if you notice any sudden marks or stains that aren’t caused by any known condition then it can be because of a dead animal.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above then you must take quick action and get help from a reputable pest control company as quickly as possible. The sooner you seek professional assistance to get rid of the carcass from your house or commercial space, the lesser the chances of health issues, terrible stench or huge property damage will be. With advanced tools and protective gear, experts at SES Pest Control can remove the possum or any kind of pest whether dead or alive from your property in the most efficacious manner.