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Mice are sneaky little creatures that can cause a lot of problems for homeowners and businesses, from damaging property to spreading disease. Fortunately, ‌at SES Pest Control, our professional mice control Canberra  services are available to help you get rid of these annoying creatures and prevent them from coming back.

As a service provider committed to protecting both people and the environment through our work in mice control Canberra  services, we employ the latest technological advancements along with diverse products to detect and eliminate mice using state-of-the-art techniques. Our qualified and skilled team has a wealth of experience in providing top-notch, emergency mice removal service Canberra , all while being mindful of your budget.  Our mice control Canberra  ensures the complete eradication of pests, so don’t hesitate and contact us now for your no-obligation quote.

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    Types of Mice and Their Characteristics

    There are several mice types that can be found in Canberra  city of Australia. Some of the common ones are listed below with their characteristics:

    House Mice

    The most frequently found mouse in residential and commercial buildings is the house mouse. With greyish-brown fur, they have a small, slender body and the ability to fit through small gaps and holes.

    Deer Mice

    Deer mice are larger than house mice and have a distinctive bi-coloured coat, with a white belly and a brown or greyish-brown back. They are commonly found in wooded areas and can carry Hantavirus.

    Field Mice

    Field mice, which are commonly found in fields and rural areas, are slightly larger than house mice. Their body is more rounded, and their fur is reddish-brown.

    White-footed Mice

    White-footed mice have white feet and look like deer mice. In wooded areas, they are frequently discovered, and they may also transmit Hantavirus.

    Taking care of a mice problem requires more than just putting down some traps or bait stations; it’s essential to understand what kind of mice you are dealing with so that you can apply targeted solutions effectively. Professional mice control Canberra  services like SES Pest Control have the knowledge and expertise to identify the type of mouse and provide effective solutions for control and prevention.

    Signs of Mice Infestation in Your Property

    Here is a list of the top common symptoms of a mice infestation:


    The occurrence of droppings is a sign that there may be mice on your property, and it’s one of the top common symptoms for identifying a mice problem

    Chewed food

    Mice can contaminate food by gnawing on the packaging or directly on the food itself, which results in chewed food.

    Urine stains

    Mice often urinate, which can result in yellowish stains on surfaces.

    Scratching sounds

    Mice can be heard scratching and scampering in walls, ceilings, and floors at night.


    Mice use soft materials such as paper, fabric, and insulation to build their nests. Nests can be found in dark and secluded areas such as attics, basements, and behind appliances.

    Grease marks

    Mice can leave greasy smudges behind when they travel along walls due to their oily fur.

    Noticing any of these symptoms in your commercial or residential property could indicate the presence of a mice infestation, so taking prompt action to address the issue can help avoid further damage along with any potential health risks

    How Do Mice Get into Your Canberra  House?

    Mice have a great ability to find small openings in walls or ceilings and turn them into homes in Canberra , so the presence of any food or water sources within a property increases the risk of mice entry. As soon as these sneaky creatures enter buildings or houses, they get to work crafting nest structures in the walls or other warm areas and your residence then offers them a great play area where they demonstrate exceptional climbing abilities by scaling up furniture and walls. When detecting a potential mice infestation in your house or building it is crucial that you immediately act by putting in place measures to prevent them from multiplying and causing damage.


    Why You Should Rely on Experts for Mice Removal?

    Most property owners think that DIY mice control is an economical choice and therefore prefer doing it themselves, still, there are plenty of reasons explaining why it is wiser and more beneficial to hire mice experts for the job.

    • Expertise: Mice experts possess a wealth of knowledge regarding identification techniques as well as removal procedures for effective eradication of these pests by utilising trapping methods, and their understanding of mice behaviour and habit aids in successfully eliminating any infestations.
    • Prevention: Seeking guidance from a mice expert is crucial to preventing future infestations, as they can offer guidance on how best to seal any entry paths or remove food sources whilst also emphasising good sanitation practises.
    • Safety: Mice experts can work safely when they have access to professional-grade tools like safe traps, bait stations, and repellents, so they are dedicated to eliminating mice from your place of residence or work while safeguarding the health and security of those under your care.
    • Peace of mind: You can have peace of mind knowing that hiring a mice expert will eliminate your pest issue and prevent its return, so this action helps you save both time and money in the future as well as enables you to focus more on your other important goals.
    • Efficiency: With mice experts at your service, you can rest assured to have a prompt and efficient resolution of the issue with minimum interference in your day-to-day life, and through their extensive training and experience in pest control Canberra services they can easily identify the source of an infestation which helps prevent its recurrence.

    Our 5-Step Mice Removal Process

    Achieving successful mice control necessitates a thorough approach. And, at SES Pest Control, as the top-ranking team in mice management, our approach to eliminating mice pests on properties in Canberra  involves utilising a comprehensive 5-step pest control procedure.

    Ses Pest Control

    Step 1- Inspection and Identification

    We will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the premises at SES Pest Control to identify areas where mice are present, or signs of their activity are visible.

    Ses Pest Control

    Step 2: Customised Treatment Plan

    Based on the severity of the infestation, we will create a personalised treatment plan using suitable bait stations or traps.

    Ses Pest Control

    Step 3: Trap Placement and Monitoring

    In this step, ‌traps or bait stations will be placed in strategic locations, and their activity will be regularly monitored.

    Ses Pest Control

    Step 4: Removal and Disposal

    We follow local regulations to remove and dispose of mice during this step in our process. Compliance with these rules necessitates disposing of the captured mice in a sanitary manner.

    Ses Pest Control

    Step 5: Monitoring and Prevention

    We make sure to keep an eye out for any signs of pest activity until it is confirmed that they have been fully exterminated while also offering up suggestions for prevention measures.


    Why Choose Us for Pest Control in Canberra ?

    SES Pest Control is highly skilled at treating mice due to their many years of experience as well as being fully insured and licenced. We are the best mice control service in Canberra guarantees that all properties under our care will be kept free from pesky rodents. The following benefits come with hiring us for mice removal:

    • Effective Mice Removal: Is Mice infestation driving you nuts? Have no fear as SES Pest Control has the skills and know-how to remove them effectively with the aid of state-of-the-art techniques and tools, we can locate and eliminate any mice present on your property. A thorough inspection enables us to identify all possible entry points and potential areas of infestation allowing us to offer a comprehensive solution.
    • Professional and Reliable Service: Our team of certified and trained technicians at SES Pest Control guarantees professional and reliable service. Furthermore, ensuring customer satisfaction through quality service is our top priority. Regularly scheduled follow-up inspections are conducted to ensure that the mouse problem is under control.
    • Safe and Eco-Friendly Solutions: SES Pest Control utilises environmentally safe and friendly methods for removing mice. By using only harmless yet effective pest control products, we prioritise the well-being of your family members as well as your furry friends.
    • Cost-Effective: If you are looking for a reasonably priced solution to removing mice, look no further than SES Pest Control. We cater to individual specifications by offering customised plans and solutions that fit well with their budgets. By providing our customers with preventative measures we can ensure a mice-free home while saving them valuable resources over time.

    Same-Day Mice Removal Services in Canberra

    Infestations of mice can lead to significant disruptions in our everyday routines. They also could ruin our properties as well as infect food items that we consume while exposing us to diseases through their droppings or urine. At SES Pest Control, we acknowledge all too well the risks involved and have therefore designed a flawless same-day mice removal service Canberra services for all residents who want quick solutions without any compromise on quality outcomes. Our competent and practised technicians apply safe and efficient methods to completely eradicate mice from your dwelling. Book an appointment today and see how we can give you a lasting answer to your mice problem with our best mice removal service in Canberra .

    How To Get Rid of Domestic Mice in Canberra ?

    Here are the five steps to getting rid of domestic mice in Canberra

    • Stop mice and other pests from coming in by sealing all the entrances.
    • Keep your living space spotless while removing all accessible food items.
    • Lay down mice traps in areas that these creatures typically frequent.
    • Attract these little annoying creatures to the traps by using bait.
    • In case the problem continues, seeking assistance from a pest control expert might be necessary.

    Emergency Mice Removal Services in Canberra

    Mice infestations cannot be taken lightly since their bites or the diseases they transmit may endanger both you and your loved ones. Besides, preventing and managing any potential infestation requires timely action. Fortunately for you, facing them alone is not necessary. With our skilled professionals available around the clock, you can finally relax knowing that pesky critters won’t be causing problems on your property anymore.

    A commercial approach to getting rid of Mice in Canberra

    In addition to residential mice control, SES Pest Control provides commercial mice control solutions. We adopted a commercial technique to remove mice in Canberra . To address the mice infestation, our group of specialists takes a thorough approach by recognising its underlying cause and applying exact solutions for its elimination. We employ safe and effective measures such as baiting or trapping. We provide distinct commercial pest control remedies that focus on the precise demands of businesses guaranteeing a mice-free environment. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert mice control professionals by reaching out to us today.

    Prevention Tips to Avoid a Mice Infestation

    Keep your home clean and tidy

    Regular cleaning and organising can prevent mice infestation as they are attracted to clutter and debris

    Seal all entry points

    Sealing up all gaps and cracks in your walls, floors, and doors is essential as mice can fit through the tiniest of spaces.

    Store food in airtight containers

    The key to avoiding a mice infestation is keeping your pantry and kitchen uncluttered because mice are drawn towards food sources. Furthermore, refrain from leaving food out overnight.

    Keep garbage cans tightly sealed

    To avoid mice scavenging for food, it is crucial to keep garbage cans securely closed and frequently empty them.

    Use mice repellents

    Mothballs, peppermint oil and electronic devices are some popular choices for deterring mice with natural or chemical methods.

    Call a professional mice control service

    When faced with suspected mouse infestations, calling in the best mice control service in Canberra like SES Pest Control is important because they can assess and solve the issue.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are common indicators of a mouse infestation in my Canberra home?

    Ans. When suspecting the presence of mice in your Canberra  home or any other place take note of indicators such as droppings around the house, chewed-up food packages and/or furniture pieces along with peculiar scratching/scampering sounds. Addressing the issue promptly becomes easier when you spot and recognise these signs. Taking quick action when suspecting a mouse problem can prevent bigger issues from developing in the future.

    What kind of risks come with a mice infestation?

    Ans. Mice are sneaky creatures that have the potential to transmit diseases and contaminate food through their waste products. Gnawing on electrical wires, insulation, and woodwork can also lead to property damage caused by them. Furthermore, mice breed quickly, which means a minor issue can soon turn into a significant infestation.

    Which measures are effective at controlling mice in Canberra ?

    Ans. You can use different techniques to manage mice, like traps, baits, or repellents. Many individuals opt for using humane traps which allow them to release captured mice outside. However, some individuals may go for poison baits or snap traps. Hiring a professional pest control service like SES Pest Control can become unavoidable when dealing with an intense infestation.

    How do I stop mice from coming back following a pest control treatment?

    Ans. Sealing up any gaps or holes in your home’s exterior is crucial to preventing mice from returning. Prevent pests by keeping your food stored in tightly sealed containers and cleaning up any spills or crumbs on surfaces. Frequently cleaning and sanitising can deter mice from inhabiting your dwelling place.

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